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It is not necessary to underestimate the Herpes virus. It is very dangerous due to the fact that it has a negative impact on the whole body by weakening your immune system. Often, people can’t even guess that the reason for all their health problems is Herpes virus. That’s why it is very important for you to have the regular tests to check whether you have been infected to get started with the Aciclovir treatment as quickly as possible.

What Is Aciclovir?

This is an antiviral medication that is particularly compelling against herpes simplex infections (the infection that causes skin and mucous film harm) and herpes zoster (an infection that causes focal and fringe sensory system illness with the presence of an air pocket rash along delicate nerves).

Acyclovir is a medication of the purine nucleoside deoxyguanidine, the ordinary segment of DNA (deoxyribonucleic corrosive – an indispensable piece of the cell core in charge of the exchange of innate data).  The similarity of the structures of acyclovir and deoxyguanidine enables acyclovir to connect with viral catalysts, which prompts an interference in the proliferation of the infection.

When Should Aciclovir Be Used?

Before using the drug, you are recommended to consult the healthcare specialist to make sure that it will help you effectively and safely. You should be aware of the principle of the drug action before you start the treatment course. Acyclovir prevents the arrangement of new components of the rash, diminishes the probability of skin scattering (spread on the skin) and instinctive inconveniences (difficulties of inward organs), quickens the development of coverings, alleviates torment in the intense period of herpes zoster. Intravenously infused, Acyclovir ought to be taken in diseases caused by the herpes simplex infection in patients with insusceptible framework issue.

Specialists recommend it with extreme types of essential diseases of the genital organs if contaminations are caused by the herpes simplex infection; in diseases caused by the herpes zoster infection; for the aversion of diseases caused by the herpes simplex infection in patients with serious insusceptible framework issue (organ transplantation, tumor chemotherapy). The medication additionally has an immunostimulating impact, which is gone for initiating the body’s guards.

How to Take Aciclovir the Right Way?

Take Acyclovir orally, intravenously and topically (as a cream). Acyclovir tablets are endorsed for contaminations of the skin and mucous membranes caused by the herpes simplex infection, and for the anticipation of these sicknesses in patients with safe framework issue, and in patients with shingles – under ordinary safe framework. Grown-ups with diseases caused by the herpes simplex infection are given 1 tablet (0.2 g) 5 times each day (barring night), and for prophylaxis, 1 tablet 4 times each day; with shingles – 4 tablets (0.8 g) 5 times each day.

Youngsters who are older than 2 are recommended the same doses as the grown-ups are prescribed; under 2 – half of the portion of the dosage for adults.

For intravenous intake, the substance of 1 ampoule with acyclovir (250 mg) is mixed with 10 ml of isotonic sodium chloride arrangement or an extraordinary dissolvable. The arrangement can be infused gradually (inside 60 minutes) or trickled, for which the subsequent arrangement (25 mg in 1 ml) is weakened also in 50 ml of the dissolvable substance, or the substance of 2 ampules (500 mg) of acyclovir are placed in 100 ml of the dissolvable solution. Prepare everything just before the use!

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