Antiviral Drugs – everyday health protection from Virus

What infectious diseases bother us most often? The answer is simple – it’s flu caused by virus. They account for 70% of all reported cases of infectious diseases. 9 people out of 10 have an acute respiratory viral infection or influenza annualy. Why does the respiratory tract suffer so often? This is due to the fact that too many negative factors affect our respiratory system. This is contaminated air, chemical evaporation, hypothermia, and viruses. Let’s have a closer look at viruses and the fight against them.

We are surrounded by many pathogenic microorganisms. The influenza virus mutates almost annually, complicating the work of our immunity. Adenoviruses, parainfluenza, reoviruses, rhinoviruses, respiratory viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, bacteria join it. All these viruses quickly mutate, easily penetrating the body. Most of these pathogens are mainly transmitted by airborne droplets.

The Role of the Antiviral Drugs in the Protection from Virus

The main barrier for viruses is the immune system. Its duty is to protect us from most viruses. But if the immune system is weakened, the disease gains strength and attacks our organs and tissues. When the virus does not cope with the virus, antiviral drugs come to the rescue. Their peculiarity is that for maximum effect, it is necessary to take them at the first signs of the disease. This is how you will protect yourself from the toxic effects of viruses. Antiviral drugs for colds can and should be used. Keep in mind that influenza and other viral diseases can provoke serious complications from the lungs, bronchi, and exacerbate the already existing chronic diseases.

In the case of colds, treatment will be rather symptomatic. It is designed to reduce temperature, reduce inflammation and avoid toxic effects of viruses. Antiviral drugs may also be used valtrex. They may have certain side effects, but colds and flu can lead to more serious complications. Very often, antiviral drugs are used to strengthen immunity and as the preventive maintenance, the list of them is great.

Strong immunity suppresses viruses, and the disease either does not begin, or passes in a weak form. If immunity is weakened and there is no antiviral therapy, the disease develops with full force, intoxication takes place, which leads to complications. In case of a cold, antibiotics will be useless, since they can only fight bacteria. And most of the colds are caused by various viruses. The best antiviral drugs have a wide spectrum.

The doctor will prescribe antiviral drugs of a wide spectrum, since it is rather problematic to determine which specific virus the organism attacked. To successfully treat viral infections, interferons of two types are used: α- and β. It is recommended to combine drugs that contain interferon, with chemotherapy drugs.

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